In this Cpagrip review i am going to share my honest opinion about this fast emerging incentive network. You might find other cpagrip review but none of them compares to this one because in this review we will deeply explore this instant approval incentive cpa network. Together with that i will also tell you about some of the top cpagrip method and trick which are being used by some of the top publishers in order to earn more than $100 per day with cpagrip. So let's get started!

cpagrip review

Cpagrip is unique in the way that its an instant approval incentive cpa network. Means you can login and start promoting the offers as soon as you sign up. However that doesn't mean any cheater can join the network, trick the system and get paid. A cheater can earn money but will never get paid because the leads generated by the publishers are strictly checked before sending the payment and other than that cpa grip has really advanced cheat and fraud detection technology which keeps all fraud users away. The owner John Wilson is a really friendly and helpful person. If you need any help then you can always contact him at skype and he will respond as soon as possible. Now let's get further in this cpagrip review and have a closer look at the tools and offers provided by the network.

 If you ever wonder how to use cpa grip then you don't need to worry about that because the dashboard is very user friendly. You can find the tools, offers, account settings etc. at the left and your earnings stats on the top right side of the dashboard. Let's take a closer look at the awesome monetization tools of cpagrip

Cpagrip Monetization Tools

Content Lockers - Cpagrip offers you a wide range of content locker templates to choose from. It has some of the top converting templates that i have seen at any cpa network. I was quite surprised to see how conveniently you can modify the cpagrip widget to suit your needs.You can see some of the cpagrip templates in the image below. Click the image for a bigger view.

cpagrip content locker

You can even use your own custom template if you want. This way you can greatly boost your conversion because the widget is completely matching your niche or site. Below is a custom template that i designed and used at cpagrip.

Another best thing is that their content lockers are mobile friendly so that when a user visits your locker from his mobile device then he will see a mobile optimized template which greatly increases your earnings. You can also adjust various settings under the "Mobile" tab settings of your locker. In the image below you can see cpagrip mobile templates.

cpagrip mobile

You can adjust the settings to have the cpagrip widget to appear instantly (as soon as the page loads) or when the user clicks a button. You can also set a custom delay before which the cpagrip widget appears automatically. If you set the load method to "onclick" then the widget will only appear when the button is clicked. The cpagrip onlick method is more seo friendly so if you are getting traffic from search engines then i recommend you to use the onclick method. In the last section of this review i will even share cpagrip content locker tutorial. Make sure you check it out.

2. URL/File Locker - Cpagrip link locker or url locker is another most widely used tools at cpa grip. If you have a really useful content like a webpage or an ebook then you can lock the webpage url or the ebook download page url and monetize it using the cpagrip link locker or url locker. Below you can see some of the most highly converting cpagrip landing page which you can use. Click the image for a better view.

cpagrip templates

I recommend using the cpagrip templates which have comments because you can modify those comments according your your niches/topic which builds more trust in your visitors. If you are providing a downloadable file then you can use the virus scan template which is great for file downloading niches.

3. Video Lockers - Cpagrip video locker is a great way to lock and monetize videos. Using this tool you can lock youtube videos or any other videos on your site. The best thing is that it only locks the videos and not the entire webpage. This is great because the user can still interact with the content on your site and learn more about that video. Below you can see the cpagrip video locker.

cpagrip video locker

4. Offer Walls - Cpagrip offer wall can be used as a way to reward your users with virtual currency or points for each offer they complete. The offer wall displays the top converting and geo targeted offers to your visitors so that they can complete multiple offers in order to earn points. There are also multiple templates to choose from.

cpagrip offer wall

Besides all the tools mentioned above there are some other more advanced postback tools like Global Postback, Multi Postback and RSS Lead Checker.

Cpagrip Offers

Cpagrip has one of the largest inventory of high paying offers. The offers rates are the best you can get at any network. They keep adding more and more attractive and high paying offers because they maintain superior contact with many advertisers. Their offers are also completely safe and don't trigger any suspicion by security software. Cpagrip rates are the best possible rates you can get at any incentive cpa network. I can confirm this because i have worked with many networks and i found that cpa grip provides the best rates of them all.

best cpagrip offers

Other than the english speaking countries, cpa grip has many high paying best offers for countries like france, germany, netherlands etc. Cpagrip french offers are mostly popular among publishers because the payout of the french offers are really high. In the image below you can see some of the best french offers at cpagrip. Remember that more new offers are continuously added to the network so some other day you might find lots more offers. Click the image for a bigger view.

cpagrip french offers

In case you want to promote a particular offer then you have the ability of direct linking as well. You can click the title of any offer in the "My Offers" section and you can get the direct link of that offer. Make sure that if you are direct linking then promote that offer to the target country only because cpa offers are geo specific and you will only be wasting your traffic and money if you promote your offer to a non targeted country.

Cpagrip Payment

Now the most important question is "does cpagrip pay?", "Is cpagrip scam?" ABSOLUTELY NOT! Cpagrip is a completely legit network. It is definitely NOT a scam. Several thousands of publishers have been using this awesome incentive network and their earnings have always been paid on time. Most of the time i receive my earnings or payment few days before the actual payout date! That's how great this network is. I haven't seen any other network doing this. Cpa grip cares about their publishers and advertisers a lot.

The minimum payout is just $50 (which you can earn in just 1 day using the cpagrip method that i will show you below). They have a wide range of payment methods or options available for their publishers. They offer payments through Paypal, Payoneer, Wire/ACH and Check by mail.

In the beginning you are paid on a Net 30 basis. When you have received your payout a few times then you can ask your affiliate manager to switch you to net 15 so that you start receiving your earnings every 15 days. Or you can even request to be switched to weekly payment schedule if you start earning some really good money every week. Cpagrip weekly payment is what most publishers wish for, so you can talk to your manager if you think you can be switched to a net 7 payment schedule.

Cpagrip also offers a great referral program where you get 5% of all earnings your referral will generate. You can get your unique referral link by clicking the "Refer a friend" icon on the top right side of your dashboard.

If you want to see cpagrip payment proof then you can easily find many proofs posted by their publishers. Below i have posted the screenshot of my latest payment received from cpagrip. The amount is around $2100 ($2097.32 to be exact). Click on the screenshot for a better view.

cpagrip payment proof

Cpagrip Method In 2016 To Earn $100 Per Day

I am going to share one of my methods below. But that is not all! I use few other methods together with the below mentioned one to earn the most from cpagrip. The beauty of my methods is that all my methods don't require investment. You can learn about all my methods at my premium "referral only" blog by visiting (You must be my referral at cpagrip to access this blog). In order to access all my cpagrip earnings methods, you must join cpagrip using the link below and then send me your email ID using a private message at cpagrip (you can learn how to send a private message at cpagrip at the bottom of this post). Within just few minutes i will approve your email id to access my premium blog and can then access my 2 other methods that i use together with the one mentioned below.

If you are already registered at Cpagrip, even then you can become my referral and access all my methods. You just need to contact your affiliate manager at skype or using email and ask him to change your referrer to me. You will then become my referral.

My Cpagrip ID is 6393
If you have already registered at cpagrip then just ask your affiliate manager to move you under my ID (which is 6393)

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Once approved you can access all my methods at my referral only blog You will need to sign in using your email to access this blog so make sure you send me a valid email id using the private messaging system at cpagrip. You will automatically receive an invitation email to access my blog, once i approve you. I also keep adding new methods to this blog as soon as i discover them so that you can choose whichever you want. Although i recommend you to use multiple or as many methods as you can to earn the most. At my referral blog you will also find various tips and tricks of my own. Helpful tutorials for creating convincing landing pages, methods to discover untapped niches, finding niches which convert best with cpagrip and many more.

Now as promised earlier, i am going to copy one of my methods from my "referral only" blog and post it here. So here we go!

Here is an awesome classic method to get fast as well as long term traffic to any of your niches. I want to tell you that do not underestimate the power of this method because it works amazingly well. The best thing is that your traffic will keep on increasing over time if you are consistent with this method. It takes just 10-15 minutes to do this (of course you can do more, the more you put in it the more you will be earning at Cpagrip). So here we go -

What we are going to do is setup google alerts for our targeted niche. This will make google send us email about the latest content posted on the web regarding our niche. We can then instantly visit the newly published content and post out landing page link (containing our cpagrip link on it, of course) as a comment or a post on that page. Try to make a good comment, so that visitors will check out your link with more trust.

You will instantly start seeing some traffic and in some time when that page will start ranking better in search engines, it will give even more traffic to our niche. You can get lots and lots of visitors with just one link. Now if you keep doing this everyday and post on as many websites as you can then within just 2-3 days you can start getting several hundreds visitors to your niche. And soon it will convert to thousands of visitors. It will only keep on growing with time!

So go to
and setup alerts for various keywords related to your niche. For example if your niche is pokemon go then setup alerts for keywords like - pokemon go, pokemon go coins, pokemon go news, pokemon go cheats, pokemon go h@ck, pokecoins, free pokecoins etc. etc.

Now you will start receiving emails for new contents about all these keywords. Just follow this and you will instantly start receiving laser targeted traffic to your niches. Below is a screenshot of setting up google alert for "pokemn go" keyword. Set up all the options as depicted in the screenshot below. Click the image for a better view.

I recommend you to be consistent with this method. It will take just few minutes a day to do this and will result in awesome earnings for you and the best of all is that it will keep on increasing over time! Take action NOW!

Here is how to send me a private message at cpagrip.

After becoming my referral you can contact me anytime and ask any questions through private message. I will reply to your messages within few hours and I will help you as much as i can!

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